Dolly Parton has declared she’s one of the easiest singers to impersonate due to her massive hair and big boobs.

The 77-year-old ‘Jolene’ icon told lookalikes all they had to do if they wanted to copy her trademark style was buy a “cheap wig” and pad their chest.

She made the remark as the Guinness Book of World Records decides if a gathering of 1,137 “Dollys” in Ireland qualifies as history’s biggest ever mob of Parton lookalikes.

Dolly was quoted in the Daily Mail saying about the record-setting bid: “Thank you for liking me that much. But I’m easy to do.

“You can buy a cheap wig anywhere, you can pad your boobs if you haven’t got none.”

Dolly also admitted: “I even lost a Dolly lookalike contest once at a drag show.”

The singer recently told OK! magazine the secret of her youthful looks was “good doctors, good make-up and good lighting”.

She added: “I try to stay young in spirit and I think sometimes that kind of spills over a little bit. I’ll never be as old as I am.”

The Guinness Book of World Records is set to make a decision in around eight weeks if the 1,137 Dolly Parton lookalikes who gathered in Listowel, County Kerry, have smashing the previous record of 250 Dollys in one place.

Chair of the ‘Dolly Day’ committee Cora O’Brien told The Kerryman newspaper: “That number is well above what we needed. We would hope that we get (the record) but the guidelines are very strict and (Guinness) are very particular which is understandable because it the Guinness Book of Records that we're trying to get into – it’s very prestigious.”

Organisers of ‘Dolly Day’ insisted “costumes worn by participants must be based on clothes worn by Dolly Parton during a public appearance or performance”.

To qualify as a lookalike, each participant had to be “instantly recognisable” as Dolly.

In 2012, another Guinness World Record was set in Listowel for the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns.