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DOGS Turn Against This Land Album

Turn Against This Land
Album Review

The new album from punkee upstarts 'Dog' is a mix & match of almost, well nearly, every type of indie you can imagine. When I say indie I mean both the independent literal music sense of the word and also the Oasis type. By the latter I mean that a lot of this stuff is very 'Brit pop' and reminiscent of the mid/late 90's back when the music was bad. But as previously mentioned there is hope but so don't hold your horses.

If you are a modern fan of the Clash you may like this, yet if you're an old wise rabid fan you may just think they are small rate and cheap. But what I do like about these guys is that I can hear a slight 80's punk/hardcore influence crammed into their claustrophobic sound. People may think I am f***ing mad but I am sure there is a bit of Rites Of Spring in there. If this is true, and I am still unsure myself, then respect is due.

The first track sounds like what Oasis singing a Can song. What sad is that if Oasis made this album then it would be their saving grace and it would sell buy the bucket load, however it's not and these poor guys have to prove themselves worthy. More punk than Stereophonics, less indie than Fugazi, but as much pop as Razorlight. Good tunes but also surrounded with some fillers.

Alex Parker

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