Departing Doctor Who star Matt Smith is intrigued to find out how the sci-fi series' creator Steven Moffat will deal with his missing hair.

The British actor recently shaved off his famous Tv hairstyle and now sports a tidy crop, and he's encouraging Moffat to devise a plotline that explains his new look.

He tells Wenn, "The coif will be there for the finale in some way, shape, or form, but I think it could be quite funny to have the bald hair. I think you could have, like, that MACaulay Culkin scene in Home Alone when he, like, slaps on the aftershave - I think the Doctor could sort of wake up and be like, 'Ah!'

"I'm sure Steven will come up with something. He'll come up with something clever."

Smith will hand over the keys to Doctor Who's Tardis after starring in this year's (13) Christmas special.