Whovians, get ready! 'Doctor Who' may be hitting the big screen for the first time in a brand new full-length movie according to new information released after the latest hack of Sony Pictures. But who will play the Doctor in the Hollywood interpretation?

Peter Capaldi in 'Doctor Who'Peter Capaldi returns to our screens this Autumn

Information that a new film incarnation of the popular British sci-fi franchise may be in the works has been disclosed by Wikileaks as part of the latest hackings in Sony Pictures emails. The BBC reports that there is 'tremendous interest' in such a movie after meeting with the film company in 2014, though there is nothing concrete to report as of yet. 

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BBC TV director Danny Cohen asserted that the creators of the show including Steven Moffat are not prepared to look at film production yet, but there is, however, an '8 year plan' suggesting that we could be in for a treat in less than a decade. 

It's been nearly 20 years since 'Doctor Who' reached television in film form, with Paul McGann taking on the role of the Doctor and Daphne Ashbrook as the companion. It seemed to be a one-off, with the final series of the 20th century finishing in 1989 with the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. The modern series wouldn't start until 2005 when Christopher Eccleston joined the cast with Billie Piper as arguably the best companion so far. 

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Now, nine series in since the 1996 film, Peter Capaldi stands as the twelfth Doctor. It is likely that he won't be portraying the Timelord for the next eight years and so the star of the next film remains a mystery, he will however return to our screens in Autumn with the rest of series nine.