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Joe Jonas Marks 1 Billion Streams Of Cake By The Ocean With Mcdonald's Served On Spotify Plaque

Joe Jonas celebrated DNCE's 'Cake by the Ocean' reaching a billion streams by eating a McDonald's from his Spotify plaque.The 31-year-old singer posted a video of himself tucking into a McNuggets meal, fires, and a...

Nicki Minaj Is An Absolute Queen On Dnce's New Song 'Kissing Strangers'

Less than a year since they dropped their self-titled debut album, DNCE are working on a new project for which they have released the first single this week. 'Kissing Strangers' featuring Nicki Minaj is their...

Wanna Know Some Fun Facts About Joe Jonas' New Band Dnce? [Video]

Joe Jonas has a new musical project underway, and it's a rather alternative venture compared with the easy-listening pop of sibling trio the Jonas Brothers. DNCE is Jonas' return to form and their new single...

Gigi Hadid Directs Boyfriend Joe Jonas' New Video

The model made her debut behind the camera for the Cake By the Ocean promo, and her proud boyfriend admits she was a natural. He says, "It was her idea for the...

Joe Jonas Says Gigi Hadid 'Was A Bada***'

Joe Jonas says Gigi Hadid ''was a bada**'' co-director.The DNCE frontman convinced his model girlfriend of five months to get behind the camera to help oversee his band's new music video for the track 'Cake...

Joe Jonas Forms New Band

The pop star and his brothers, Nick and Kevin Jonas, announced they were disbanding in October, 2013, and now Joe has recruited three of his friends to create a new pop group, called...


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