Review of Born Under Saturn Album by Django Django

Doing something for the second time is usually a disappointment. Remember when you watched '12 Years a Slave' for the second time and realised it wasn't that good? Remember when you went back to that villa in La Manga for the second time and were left sorely dissatisfied? Oh, and then there's that ex-girlfriend.

Django Django Born Under Saturn Album

This was the task facing Django Django. Their debut album was one of the most exciting, unique and compelling records of the last few years and one that, musically, surprised everyone. This time, we know what Django Django are about. The surprise factor is no more.

Luckily, it's a resounding victory for second timers. 'Born Under Saturn' is less 'in your face' than its predecessor and feels like a properly constructed album. It rewards repeat listens and demonstrates the band's versatility perfectly. The opening track 'Giant' is, well, exactly that; an incredibly well constructed beast that clocks in at almost 6 minutes and sets the album up perfectly. 'Found You' is another slow burning belter that sounds a lot like The Horrors might do if they went on a summer holiday.  These songs feel like new ground for Django Django, but they certainly haven't ditched what they do best.

'Shake and Tremble', the next single, as well as 'Pause Repeat', 'Reflections' and 'Life We Know' all are what could be described as 'trademark Django Django' and are obvious standouts. 'First Light' feels like the foundation of the album and is arguably the best song to be fired from the Django Django catapult. 

This isn't just a collection of great songs; this is an exquisitely constructed record that should be at the top of every 'Albums of 2015' list. This is a huge statement of intent from the most exciting band in the UK right now. 

Sign me up for a third viewing of '12 Years a Slave' in that La Manga villa.


Harry Moore

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