Mayhem - Empire Club, Middlesborough Live Review

Review of the club night Mayhem.

DJ Tone Sutcliffe

Currently based at the excellent Empire Club in Middlesborough and having recently celebrated its 5th birthday with headliners Luna, Bootek, Dark By Design and DJ Tone this is a club night/brand that is going from strength to strength.
Much of that strength derives from the fact that the promoter, Tez Walker, has a policy of hiring top notch DJs such as Alex Kidd, Kutski and Andy Whitby while at the same time maintaining a roster of local DJs (including the excellent Philthy Jennorators, Seg Reay, Phil Mackintosh (another talent to watch) Jarra Hoggy and Michael Russell, just to name a few) who fill the lower ends of the bill and between them have a loyal and growing following throughout the north of England.

This was evidenced by the coaches that followed them to both Kiddstcok in Durham and the Mezz Club in Leeds for Mayhem's recent and very successful foray into the Leeds club scene.

Leeds is a great clubbing city, but is sadly lacking when it comes to the harder end of the musical spectrum and this night made a very refreshing and welcome change. Hopefully it will become a regular thing. This is a night to keep an eye on and highly recommended.

Mayhem's most recent collaboration was with Alex Kidd's Kiddfectious Brand on October 16th which saw Alex Kidd and A*S*Y*S playing alongside Mayhem regulars, Phil Mackintosh, DJ Tone, Philthy Jennorators, Daz Fountain, Gilly, Seg Reay, Sykesy, Mike Russell, Mike Woolley, Kama, Dr Hill and DJ Titch.
Highly recommended.

Ian Russell