Review of ‘Mix the Vibe Basement Boys & The Muthafunkaz Album by DJ Spen

Review of Mix the Vibe Basement Boys & The Muthafunkaz by Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen

DJ Spen ‘Mix the Vibe  Basement Boys & The Muthafunkaz Album

Any new release from legendary US DJ/producer types DJ Spen and Teddy Douglas is always eagerly anticipated and this latest offering is no exception.

Consisting of 2 CDs and 29 tracks and lasting an impressive 2½ hours this is, without doubt, a tour de force and a lesson to any aspiring DJ in how to make an album.

But with track records like Douglas and Spen’s it’s not surprising.... in a career spanning over 20 years he has presented some of the most up front house music on offer anywhere as well as producing for some of clubland's biggest names, such as Diana Ross, Everything but the Girl, Ann Nesby, and Shaun Escoffery.

Mix The Vibe is beautifully produced... every beat, note, vocal and mix is exactly where it needs to be and the whole album progresses wonderfully.

It also has some of the sweetest beats you’d ever want hear and an amazing and eclectic mixture of sounds ranging from South American rhumba to east African drums, from cool jazz brass to up-front piano and funky guitars and there are first rate vocal performances throughout.

Whether you like soulful jazz, drums that make you want to dance, deep house, funky up-lifting vocals or more chilled lounge sounds there is something here for you.

Highly recommended, this is definitely one for your collection.

Ian Russell