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4th September 2012

Tweet: "Happy birthday to @iamMarkRonson!!!! I love you sooooo much! Come back home!" Dj Samantha Ronson sends birthday wishes to her brother Mark, who turns 37 on Tuesday (04Sep12).

25th July 2012

Tweet: "Thanks Twitter for letting me know that was an earthquake and not an alien landing on my roof." Dj Samantha Ronson thanks her followers for information after she felt a 3.8 magnitude tremor in Los Angeles on Wednesday (25Jul12).

24th July 2012

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to the coolest motherf**ker i know, Slash. sometimes you meet your hero and they don't let you down!" Dj Samantha Ronson sends her best wishes to rocker Slash as he turns 47 on Monday (23Jul12).

4th July 2012

Tweet: "Thank you to all those serving this country & keeping us safe, and the families who are missing sons, daughters, mothers and fathers today." Celebrity Dj Samantha Ronson pays tribute to the troops as America celebrates Independence Day.

21st September 2011

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to @nicolerichie. I can't believe how old you are. eeeks. better enjoy this year, coz at 31 you'll be too old for me." Celebrity Dj Samantha Ronson pokes fun at her friend Nicole Richie, who turned 30 on Wednesday (21Sep11).

20th September 2011

Quote: "The only difference to me is a guy can pee in a bottle when he's working and a girl can't." Samantha Ronson on the differences between male and female DJs.

19th September 2011

Tweet: "Cutting all my hair off seemed like a good idea last night. this morning.... not so much." Celebrity Dj Samantha Ronson is not happy with her new close-cropped hairstyle.

14th April 2011

Tweet: "Being called toxic by Michael Lohan is almost as funny as being called toxic by, well - by Michael Lohan." Samantha Ronson is unimpressed by criticism from her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan's father.

29th March 2011

Fact: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson appear to be heading for a reconciliation if new photos are any indication - the actress was spotted leaving her neighbour and ex-lover's home early on Monday (28Mar11) clutching an 'I love you' cuddly toy. reports Lohan spent five hours with the DJ and left with the gift - a teddy bear with the words 'I love you' written on its red heart.

23rd July 2010

Fact: Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson is helping to keep the actress' spirits up behind bars - the celebrity DJ paid a visit to the troubled star at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California on Thursday (22Jul10). The Mean Girls star is serving 90 days for violating her parole stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.

12th July 2010

Fact: Dj Samantha Ronson is giving ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan a shoulder to cry on as she prepares for her upcoming jail stint - the former couple was snapped in Beverly Hills together on Sunday (11Jul10) after dining on sushi. The Mean Girls actress was sentenced to 90 days behind bars last week (06Jul10) for violating the terms of her probation relating to a 2007 DUI arrest.

13th October 2009

Fact: Fans of Lindsay Lohan's on-off girlfriend Samantha Ronson can now live like the star - the DJ is renting out her Hollywood Hills mansion. The spacious three bedroom, two bathroom property is available for a cool $4,395 (£2,930)-a-month.

4th September 2009

Quote: "I want to say I'm sorry for anything negative I said about Sam. It was totally off-colour. I appreciate that she cares about Lindsay's health and well-being. I really see Sam in a whole different light now." Lindsay Lohan's father MICHAEL apologises for his previous negative comments about his daughter's on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

3rd June 2009

Quote: "I love London. But I can't afford to live there, it's so expensive. One day I would consider moving there." Lindsay Lohan's Los Angeles-based ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson dreams of moving back to her native Britain.

29th April 2009

Quote: "Sometimes when my shrink is talking to me I'm thinking in my head - stop telling me the truth - a lie is so much more fun!" Dj Samantha Ronson doesn't always like what she hears from her therapist.

10th April 2009

Fact: Lindsay Lohan is moving on from her break-up with Samantha Ronson with a new hair style and another tattoo. The actress has dyed her locks back to their natural red colour and added some more body art on her wrist.

9th April 2009

Quote: "You guys make it seem like it's so over. People take breaks. It's normal. To focus on themselves." Lindsay Lohan still hopes to revive her relationship with Samantha Ronson.

3rd April 2009

Fact: Lindsay Lohan showed off her singing talents on Thursday (02Apr09) night when she joined British pop star Lily Allen on stage at her concert in Los Angeles for a cover of Britney Spears' hit single WOMANIZER. Lohan has become good friends with the SMILE hitmaker through her girlfriend, Dj Samantha Ronson and her producer brother Mark Ronson, who contributed to Allen's 2006 album, ALRIGHT, STILL.

29th December 2008

Fact: Lindsay Lohan will host a New Year's Eve bash at Miami nightclub Mansion - and music will be supplied by her girlfriend, Dj Samantha Ronson.

24th December 2008

Quote: "I will be missing them this Christmas as it is the first one I am spending away from home. I am spending it with Samantha in Los Angeles." Lindsay Lohan has given up Christmas with her family in New York to spend the holidays with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

31st October 2008

Fact: Lindsay Lohan stunned New Yorkers on Wednesday (29Oct08) morning when she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson jumped on the subway to go to the SoHo area of the city.

28th October 2008

Quote: "Family matters should be kept private. I've learned that now." MICHAEL LOHAN has vowed to keep his opinions about daughter Lindsay Lohan's relationship with Dj Samantha Ronson to himself from now on.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "No gym - well, not in the last five years. All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes! I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!" Dj Samantha Ronson insists she doesn't have a keep-fit routine.

29th September 2008

Fact: Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend Samantha Ronson is remixing songs for Good Charlotte's upcoming hits album.

9th September 2008

Quote: "Um, people can think what they want. I'm really happy, and that's all that matters." Lindsay Lohan refuses to confirm rumours she is in a relationship with Samantha Ronson.

28th August 2008

Fact: Lindsay Lohan's rumoured girlfriend and celebrity Dj Samantha Ronson will warm up the crowd at the Stand Up For A Cure concert series next month (Sep08) with a musical set before guest presenter Julia Roberts takes to the stage.

13th August 2008

Quote: "Even the airport security guy in Canada asked me, 'So is it true?'. It's like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm telling you!'." Dj Samantha Ronson vows never to talk about her rumoured romance with actress Lindsay Lohan.

11th August 2008

Fact: Lindsay Lohan's rumoured girlfriend Samantha Ronson will join her famous siblings CHARLOTTE and MARK to pose as the dysfunctional movie family The Royal Tenenbaums in a forthcoming issue of U.S. fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.

6th August 2008

Fact: Dj Samantha Ronson is facing a traffic fine from Los Angeles officials after her black Cadillac was clamped outside her home in Beachwood Canyon for reported parking violations. The DJ is currently holidaying with best pal and rumoured girlfriend Lindsay Lohan in Miami, Florida.

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