Introducing Ocean Park Standoff, a brand new LA pop outfit featuring connected international Dj Samantha Ronson who unveiled their very first single 'Good News' last year alongside another stellar track called 'Photos & Liquor'. They're about to hit the road next month for a brief North American tour.

Ocean Park StandoffOcean Park Standoff unveiled 'Good News' in October

The song, a soaring, addictive piano number, has already had more than 2 million streams on Spotify. Samantha says 'Good News' is all about 'trying to have fireworks for the little things that make you feel good' in a world where you ultimately have no control - and they're trying to share as much good news as possible on their band site.

The sister of Grammy-winning superstar Mark Ronson, Samantha has naturally trailed in the shadow of her older brother when it came to her own musical ventures. However, joined by the likes of Pete Nappi and Ethan Thompson, she's continues to carve out her very own place in the world of music to much success.

Samantha first met self-styled music producer Pete unexpectedly at a 2014 writing session, and it wasn't long before Pete's Berklee College of Music classmate Ethan came into the fold and the three of them began recording at Samantha's home/studio. While Samantha and Ethan also found a connection, they admit that they were both extremely protective of their respective lyrics until they learnt to use their differences to craft songs for the band. 'When I get too poetic, or he gets too on-the-nose, we're able to figure out how to make it work', she says.

'Good News' was released alongside another mesmerising track entitled 'Photos & Liquor', which has a particularly interesting story behind it. It's based on a photograph of Ethan and his ex-girlfriend kissing on a beach, but all is not as it seems. 'It looks so romantic, but really they were fighting and Ethan kissed her to shut her up', Samantha confessed. 'It made me think about how easy it is to romanticize certain situations when the reality was completely different, and how we don't have pictures that really show the bad times.'

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Samantha's work in music started out with her DJing at her local club, and she soon went on to hit the decks for events the likes of the Super Bowl, Sundance and Cannes Film Festival. She was endorsed by Hennessy in 2011 and signed to Roc-A-Fella Records to release her debut album 'Red'. While it was never officially released following the label's liquidation, her songs were featured on the films 'Mean Girls' and 'The Woodsman'. She later released a follow-up entitled 'Chasing The Reds' on her own label.

Ocean Park Standoff are set to embark on a short US tour next month, starting out at New York's Mercury Lounge on February 2nd 2017 and concluding at Burlington's Higher Ground.

Tour Dates:

2 Feb - Mercury Lounge - NYC

7 Feb - 12th & Porter - Nashville, TN

8 Feb - SPACE - Chicago, IL

13 Feb - Vinyl - Atlanta, GA

21 Feb - The Social - Orlando, FL

23 Feb - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC

24 Feb - Dc9 - Washington, DC

26 Feb - Hangar on the Hudson - Troy, NY

27 Feb - Higher Ground - Burlington, VT