Samantha Ronson wasn't impressed by Lindsay Lohan's celebrity status when the pair first met - confessing she thought the actress' Disney roles were "corny".
The former child star was at the height of her fame as a teen sensation when she first met DJ Ronson on the Hollywood club scene through her then-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.
But Ronson insists she wasn't star-struck by Lohan's fame, because she had been surrounded by celebrities growing up with her music executive dad Laurence Ronson.
She tells Britain's The Times magazine, "I remember meeting Al Pacino at Christmas lunch. To be honest, Lindsay wasn't cool to me. 'So you're a Disney star?' I was like, 'Corny!'
"Other than that, she was like a little kid as far I was concerned. And then, when I met her, she was this sweet, cool little girl. And we were friends for years before anything. And I feel like I was a great influence. Because as much as my life is in clubs and stuff, my personality isn't. So we had every other time chilling. It wasn't like I was out getting f**ked every night."
Lohan and Ronson went on to become lovers and dated on and off for months before splitting for good last summer (09).