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'Intimidating Bisexual' Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's lovers are intimidated by her bisexuality. The 'Poker Face' singer admits she is attracted to both men and women and this has caused problems with her previous boyfriends. She said: "The fact that...

Lohan's Money Troubles

Actress LINDSAY LOHAN is suffering the effects of the global economic crisis - her financial problems have reportedly forced her to borrow money from her girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON. Lohan admitted her money troubles in a recent...

Lohan Duets With The Ronsons

LINDSAY LOHAN has performed a duet with her girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON and the DJ's producer brother MARK - taking the stage at a family celebration in London. The actress/singer attended a Jewish Bar Mitzvah ceremony for...

Ronson Denies Haircut Claims

LINDSAY LOHAN's girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON has denied the actress once paid hundreds of dollars to get her lover's hair cut. The DJ was furious when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported that Lohan had paid a stylist...

Lohan's Dad: 'Ronson's Destroying Lindsay'

LINDSAY LOHAN's dad MICHAEL is convinced his daughter's relationship with SAMANTHA RONSON is "destroying her life", and is begging friends and fans to help "save" her. Michael Lohan has regularly voiced his disapproval of the union,...

Lohan 'Boosts Ronson's Booking Fee'

SAMANTHA RONSON is benefiting from her relationship with LINDSAY LOHAN - the DJ's booking fee has reportedly increased by nearly twenty times since she began dating the actress. Lohan has repeatedly refused to confirm the...

Ronson Rubbishes Gay Bar Report

Lesbian DJ SAMANTHA RONSON has hit out at reports she refused to play a set at a bar because the clientele were homosexuals. Ronson - rumoured to be dating actress Lindsay Lohan - was reportedly...

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