Famous for wearing a cardboard shark head in the crazy video for hit track 'Bonkers', Dizzee Rascal shows he's fond of the aquatic theme, analogising his journey on Radio 1: "If my last record was dipping my foot into the swimming pool of happiness, this one is fully going for a swim - backstroke, butterfly, in every way. not just doggie-paddle."

On its 1st July release, new record The Fifth will be available in two formats: a 12-track 'standard' edition and a 16-track 'deluxe' edition that will showcase a few extra exclusive tracks.

After their collaborating together on hit, 'Wild', Dizzee will be teaming up once more with singer Jessie J on The Fifth track, 'We Don't Play Around.'

Following the May release of his latest single, 'Goin' Crazy' with Robbie Williams, 'Bonkers' London rapper Dizzee Rascal, been busy at work with a glittering group of hip hop/pop musicians, including Will.i.am, Tinie Tempah, Sean Kingston, Calvin Harris, Warren Okay 'Oak' Felder, Andrew 'Pop' Wansel, Jean-Baptiste Kouame and RedOne.

Watch The Video For Dizzee Rascal's Goin Crazy:

In standard Dizzee bizarre fashion, the video for his unlikely duet with former Take That singer Williams featured the pair driving mobility scooters and leading a gang.

Rascal hails his collaboration-heavy new work as "the best-produced album I've done so far because of the calibre of producers I'm working with."

His first release since being signed by Universal, expect The Fifth on the first (of July).

Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal: New Album The Fifth Set To Drop On July 1st.