Dizzee Rascal's 'The Fifth' is a ''scrapbook of his travels''.

The 'Arse Like That' rapper's latest album tells of his adventures and parties around the world and he sees it as a good record of the good times he's had in the time since he released 'Tongue 'N Cheek' in 2009.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''A big part of this album is just about accepting what's happening in the here and now, basically, embracing all the good s**t which goes with this - the holidays and partying and all that.

''This album embodies it. I've spent a lot of time in America: Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, the Caribbean as well as Europe, Ibiza - it's about my experience in those places, like a scrapbook of my travels.''

Dizzee picked out a couple of his favourite tracks from the album, and explained how they came about.

He explained: ''I like 'Good' with Angel, I like 'Something Really Bad'. That was about a one night stand in Ibiza, and 'H-Town' is actually about what happened when I was in Houston, this particular time I went there. I was really inspired and I had this beat from [DJ] A-Trak which just sounded like Houston to me. The beat was called Sizzurp, so to me that was a H-Town thing.'''

'Good', ' Arse Like That'and 'Something Really Bad' are all included on 'The Fifth', which is out now.