Dizzee Rascal thinks Miley Cyrus has ''sex appeal''.

The rapper met the controversial singer backstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam earlier this month and was impressed by her risqué new image and no-holds barred attitude, which he believes is a winning combination for record sales.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''She's got sex appeal. From a business perspective, she's ruthless. She's Hannah Montana, she can do what the f**k she wants.''

However, Dizzee isn't sure whether her shocking onstage antics at the EMAs - which included twerking provocatively with a female dwarf and smoking what appeared to be a joint during her acceptance speech for the Best Video prize - were genuine or just for show.

He said: ''After she finished smoking, when she came off after the cameras weren't watching, she gave it away, not sure if she genuinely was smoking it.''

The 'Love This Town' hitmaker would take Miley over pre-teen fans any day, however, joking he has developed a phobia of ''little girls'' since touring with Justin Timberlake a few years ago.

He laughed: ''Nothing is scarier than little girls. I learned that from touring with Justin Timberlake. Every night before he'd come on the whole arena would shake with them stamping their feet.''