Dizzee Rascal has asked Noel Gallagher to lay down a hook on one of his tracks.

The 'Bonkers' hitmaker has always gone to the former Oasis guitarist for advice over the years, and he's reached out to ask the 'Some Might Say' hitmaker if he'd be up for appearing on one of his new songs on his upcoming follow-up to his 2017 LP, 'Raskit'.

Appearing on 'Later ... with Jools Holland', he tells the host: ''I hit up Noel 'cause over the years I've always hit him up for something, whether advice or whatever.

''I thought, 'It's Noel Gallagher, why don't I get him on a hook, or do a song with him.'

''It would be good to have Noel Gallagher on a hook.

''Man, if we could     make that work, that'd be sick.''

The 35-year-old MC has long wanted to team up with Noel, as back in 2008, he said he was keen to collaborate with the 52-year-old rocker, the year before the Britpop group split after a backstage altercation between siblings Noel and Liam Gallagher, 47, the group's ex-frontman.

Commenting on Noel's comments about being against hip-hop star Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury, Dizzee said at the time: ''I don't think he hates hip-hop.

''Maybe he just felt a way about Jay-Z being at Glastonbury or hip-hop being at Glastonbury. He's into music.

''There must be some hip-hop over the years that he must've liked, or Liam. They're party animals, so somewhere they must've enjoyed some hip-hop track.''

The 'Fix Up Look Sharp' rapper - who teamed up with Arctic Monkeys on 2007's 'Temptation Greets You Like A Naughty Friend' - added: ''Yeah [I'd still like to work with Noel]. That's another thing to me like working with the Arctic Monkeys.

''Obviously they're [Oasis] older and they set their bar from earlier.''

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