Dixie Chicks star Natalie Maines had an eerie moment after recording Jeff Buckley's song Lover, You Should Have Come Over for her new solo album Mother when she realised it was the anniversary of the singer/songwriter's death.

Maines chose to record the track because if was the song that woke her and her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, up every morning when they were first married but she admits it was an emotional experience to sing it in a studio with her producing partner Ben Harper.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "That song was set on the Cd alarm clock, and we woke up to that song, every day. So it’s just nice to go back to that time.

"I didn’t realise that Ben and Jeff were friends, so it was interesting to bring that song into the studio as a suggestion, and he was kind of taken aback by that - in a good way, but I think it was heavy for him. That song took the longest for us to track, but when we got it, the energy in the studio was something I had never felt before.

"Then, that night, when I went home, I looked at HuffPost (Huffington Post website) just to see the day’s news, and I saw that it was the anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s death."