Natalie Maines, guitarist Emily Robison Strayer and fiddle player Martie Maguire have announced they'll hit the road in Europe next year (16).

In a post on the group's website, which begins: "Superstars, renegades, innovators, heroes, villains, and moms - for over a decade, the Dixie Chicks have grown from a band into a phenomenon, with over 30 million albums sold..." the band reveals dates will begin in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in April (16), before hitting venues in the U.K. and Ireland.

The tour will include a show in London, where comments made by Maines about then-U.S. leader President George W. Bush during a gig in 2003 turned the girls into public enemies back home in America.

The singer's anti-Bush remarks led to a boycott of Dixie Chicks music on top U.S. country radio stations and CD-burning protests led by fans of the President.

The trio released its last album, Taking the Long Way, in 2006 and have only performed a handful of shows in recent years, during which Maines launched a solo career and sisters Maguire and Strayer formed the Court Yard Hounds.