Dita Von Teese wants people to dress more glamorously in everyday life.

The burlesque star - who favours a retro look - wishes women weren't so casual with their style and longs for a return to the glamour days of the 1890s.

She said: ''I feel a little bit sad that the glamour in everyday life, for most people, is gone. I'm in Paris right now, and I can honestly tell you that the mythical glamorous Parisienne doesn't exist; what you find is a lot of young pretty girls in jean shorts paired with black tights and messy hair. This is the 'look' here for young girls! But there are still those of us that dress up, whether it's retro or not.

''Glamour doesn't depend on nostalgia. But I often dream about what it might have been like to look out upon the streets of Paris in the 1890s. Glamour is important to me mainly because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I have something in Common with my idols of the past, and I find it to be an entertaining form of theatre.''

Although she loves the style in Europe, Dita feels the US has the best vintage bargains in the world.

She explained to Collectors Weekly magazine: ''Having travelled all over the world, I can tell you that I think that the US still has the best vintage shopping, especially if you like wearable things at good prices. I was just shopping for vintage in Paris recenlty, and I found a few nice things, but they all need work on them and I paid dearly for them.''