Dita Von Teese has signed a deal with online retailer Bare Necessities to sell her lingerie line.

The burlesque performer has joined forces with the site which will carry selected pieces from her collection including Madame X, Man Catcher, Sheer Witchery and Star Lift.

She said: ''I believe that lingerie can be both practical and glamorous. It has the power to make women feel desirable, and therefore be desirable. But glamour isn't just for one type of woman; it is for any woman who desires it.''

The 41-year-old beauty's lingerie line captures the essence of old Hollywood glamour with retro stitch detailing, lace inserts and quilted satin.

And she loves lingerie so much that she recently admitted she has spent many of her Valentine's Days dressed up in sexy underwear, even when she has been single.

She said: ''I've spent many, many Valentine's Days as a single girl, and I still love my beautiful lingerie.

''It makes me feel good about myself; it makes me feel like I'm embracing glamour in my everyday life, that I'm ready for moments of seduction whenever they come.''

Dita recently revealed her favourite look for a romantic night in is black lace because it flatters every figure while looking ultra feminine.

She said: ''[I love] black lace. It looks good on everyone. My advice is to buy all cuts of a brief. The thong, the boy short, etc... It will extend the life of the set.''