Dita Von Teese has a ''uniform'' to feel sexy in.

The burlesque star - who was previously married to Marilyn Manson and also dated French aristocrat Louis Marie de Castelbajac - always turns to certain garments with very particular cuts when she wants to feel her best.

She said: ''I have a distinctive aesthetic of what I think is sexy, and I have kind of a uniform. It's usually something that shows a little bit of cleavage and possibly has long sleeves. I like to wear long, black, leather upper glove and black long-seamed stocking. I like to have my hemline just below the knee, and I like a perfect Louboutin pump.''

The 41-year-old beauty also insists it is important for people to be sexy for themselves, rather than seem like they are making too much effort for their partner.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''Seduction is at its finest when it's nonchalant. You have to make him believe that you just are that way. So when you think, 'I'm going to try some garter belts on for him, and I think he'll like this color,' you've missed the whole point.

''But if you're indulging in things that make you feel good about yourself, and that are also beautiful and luxurious and fit you well--things that you would wear every day whether or not someone's looking--that's when it becomes natural and effortless. And that's when you really get him where it hurts.''