Everyone likes a good Easter Egg hunt this time of year, but one of our favourites involves searching them out in iconic films. Of course, these 'Easter eggs' aren't of the chocolate variety, merely snippets from films containing amusing inside jokes or tributes to other movies. 

In honour of all the scavenger hunts that will be happening amongst children tomorrow as they set about discovering what the Easter bunny has left, we reflect on some more sophisticated kind of 'Easter eggs'; that is, the various hidden meanings in some of our favourite movies.

 Sam RaimiSam Raimi pays tribute to Wes Craven

Here are our top 10:

1. Disney and A113 - Only the very obsessed Disney fans of the world will have noticed this without coming across it online, but in several movies - namely Disney and Pixar flicks - we see the recurrence of the number sequence A113. The license plate on Andy's mom's car in 'Toy Story', the diver's camera in 'Finding Nemo', a set of double doors in 'Monsters University' and many, many more. But what does it mean? The answer's rather sweet; it's a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts where a number of successful animators have studied and hence it's their tribute to the place that taught them their art.

2. Evil Dead 2 and Freddy Krueger's glove - 'Evil Dead' creator Sam Raimi has always been a huge fan of Wes Craven movies and henceforth made references to his movies within his 'Evil Dead' franchise. The best one by far is when Krueger's glove appears hanging above the door in the tool shed in 'Evil Dead 2', but it's a gesture that has more weight when you notice that the glove also appeared in the spin-off series 'Ash vs Evil Dead'. The reason being that this time it hung without its blades, as if in acknowledgement of Craven's death.

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3. The Bride's real name in 'Kill Bill' - It's clear that we're not supposed to know her name; that's the thing about Quentin Tarantino movies, all that mystery. However, if you pause the movie at just the right moment, you'll see the name Beatrix Kiddo written on her plane ticket to Okinawa, Japan.

Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino is known for his inside jokes

4. The sex scene in the 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' credits - Take a closer look at those moving footprints on the Maurauder's Map during the final credits of the movie. In the left hand corner you'll see a set of footprints with the feet together facing one way, and a footprint either side of those facing the other - and they're moving slightly. We're not sure if this has ever been confirmed as what we think it is, but we'll never been able to watch the movie in the same way again.

5. The Captain America suit in Iron Man - It's not so much of a big deal when you consider the 'Avengers' films we've had since then, but it was pretty exciting at the time for comic book geeks to see the Captain America suit - complete with his unmistakable shield - under construction in one scene of the movie. 

6. Starbucks cups in Fight Club - They could be any coffee cup really, given that the company never allowed the use of its name in the film, but there's essentially a Starbucks cup in every single scene of David Fincher's 1999 movie. The director later admitted that it was a joke regarding the over-popularity and success of the coffee chain at the time.

7. Shaun of the Dead DVD in Hot Fuzz - That scene where Danny is checking out the DVD bin in the shop, before realising that Nicholas Angel has run off in pursuit of a thief. When he drops the DVD he's holding, we get a brief glimpse of another movie: the very distinctive cover of the movie's predecessor 'Shaun Of The Dead', though this time entitled 'Zombies Party'.

8. The Shining carpet in Toy Story - A slightly disturbing thing to note here, there's a carpet in Disney's 'Toy Story' that is almost a perfect match to the one in Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. Spooky stuff! 

Martin ScorseseMartin Scorsese had fun adding this cheeky quirk

9. 'X' means death in 'The Departed' - It's like some weird 'Final Destination' type thing, but whenever someone's about to die in the Martin Scorsese thriller, an X appears surreptitiously on the screen. Definitely worth keeping an eye out if you need a forewarning while watching the film. 

10. R2D2 and CP30 in Indiana Jones - A hieroglyph sneakily featuring R2D2 and CP30 of Star Wars fame appears for a brief moment in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are bosom buddies, so it's unsurprising that the pair took the opportunity to have fune at work once in a while.

George Lucas and JJ AbramsWe wonder if George Lucas will ever have the same deal with Abrams?