It looks like one of the stars of Discovery’s Moonshiners, Steven Ray Tickle, has been taking his job a little too seriously.

Tickle was arrested for public intoxication last Thursday in Danville, Va. He was reportedly apprehended in the parking lot at Charley’s Stop and Shop convenience store, according to the Raleigh Telegram. The officers got flagged down by an unnamed concerned citizen, who spotted Tickle’s suspicious behaviour.

The reality star was reportedly so wasted, that he actually had to be carried into jail by the cops. He must be used to it by now though, since it is certainly not his first time. Tickle’s bio on the Discovery website describes him as “a hard working still hand who loves moonshine” – a bit too much, perhaps. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, or at least not anyone familiar with the setup of Moonshiners. The reality show focuses on home brewers trying to evade the law and brewing, well, stupidly alcoholic concoctions in the privacy of their own basements. Fun to watch on TV, sure, but if there was ever any doubt about the reality of the format, well, that would be your proof right there. Get it? Proof? Never mind.

It all worked out fine in the end though, as Tickle was released relatively unscathed (save for a nasty hangover, probably) later in the day.