Review of Self-titled Album by Discovery

Review of Discovery's self-titled album.

Discovery Self-titled Album

Yes. Rollercoaster. That's what this album is. It seems like a pretty talented guy has a multiple personality disorder, one minute he produces some rather cool dance based music, then later he thinks he's Cher, then he's Ne-Yo.

So what do I mean? Well the album opens with 'Orange Shirt' which is a dance/RnB style track. I don't like RnB, and what's more the term is bandied about wrongly these days. The Rolling Stones were RnB, not Beyonce and her mates. Anyway, the first track was not for me.

The second track 'Osaka Loop Line' I enjoyed, with its disjointed rhythm and the synthesiser sounds and lo-fi vocals, a rather cool track.

But then good old Discovery slips into a Cher moment with his Vocoder effects on 'Can You Discover?' and the rhythm reminded me of some cheesy pop song churned out by Aqua.

'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' was a lift and had a Beta Band feel in places and 'So Insane' was a decent effort. 'Swing Tree' has mix of the eighties dance feel which has been quite popular of late and a little smidging of Hot Chip.

However, Discovery then goes down the path of, well, Discovery and turns back in to Cher with his vocal effects on 'Carby'. His cover of 'I Want You Back' is nothing less than annoying and the rest of the album is just him being silly again with his effects box.

If you like dance music fused with 'RnB' and eighties pop, and you love Cher, then head out and buy a pair of sparkly spandex pants along with this album. If you don't like any of the above then just go and buy the pants, you'll look hot in the disco.


Pablo Roffey

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