Diplo doesn't care if anybody ''leaks'' his music.

The 36-year-old DJ has shunned the music industry's battle against music piracy by saying he isn't bothered whether people pay for his music, because he makes such little money from it anyway.

He said: ''I don't care if anybody - and you can quote me on this - trades my records, leaks my records. I don't care.

''I can't make money off the sales, but I'll make money off doing shows, or selling merchandise.''

However, the 'Where Are U Now' hitmaker - whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz - admitted he is more bothered about raising the profile of dancehall music than making money from his albums, because he thinks it's such an unappreciated genre.

He explained: ''People don't respect dancehall in general - they don't treat it like real music.

''Everybody is sampling it, everybody is taking the culture. Even rap. Kanye's 'Yeezus' had three or four dancehall features on it, though you don't really know they are there.''

And while the musician has become better known for his high-profile online spats, such as a recent argument with an artist whose GIF he used without crediting, he insisted all publicity is good for him.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''I'm, like, clickbait. I saw it with the GIF thing - I got more followers. People who didn't know who I am known who I am now, even if they hate me. Is that a bad thing? Actually, no, in 2015 it's not. Kanye proved that. All you need to do is be in their minds.''