Diplo finds Charli XCX ''so exciting''.

The 41-year-old DJ and record producer - who is in a relationship with Jevon King - is close friends with the 'Boys' hitmaker, and has said he enjoys spending time with Charli because he loves how much ''charisma'' she has.

Diplo and Charli even live near each other, and have been making sure to keep in touch despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has been keeping them quarantined inside their homes.

The 'Genius' hitmaker said: ''[Charli XCX's] personality is just so exciting, she's got so much charisma. She actually had to borrow headphones to do her DJ mix and she made me actually throw them out the window, she's so in that quarantine life. Because she lives really close to me, we're neighbours and I threw them at her out the window and I made sure I scrubbed them for her.''

Diplo isn't seeing much of his friends lately as a result of the global health crisis, and says he's been spending more time at home in the last few weeks that he has in several years since becoming a musician.

He added: ''I haven't been home this long since I was 24-years-old. This is three weeks at my house and I've seen parts of my house I never knew existed. I've been in closets. I was like, 'Where did this come from?' I was like, 'Who's this person that lives here?' I was like, 'I never even seen you before.' There was like ... It's a weird place this house and I might have to sell it when this is over.''

However, Diplo feels ''so refreshed'' thanks to his time at home, and is thankful he managed to finish working on his new music before going into self-isolation.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, he said: ''But in the meantime, I'm actually so refreshed by not leaving. I thank God I finished all my music. We were about to go on a whole tour to promote everything. We had the Major Lazer takeovers where we did three shows in London, Paris, Munich, Germany. We had all these ideas and we had this whole set put together. I think at least now we have to be behind the music 100 percent. At least I got all my music done and it's coming out slowly during this period and it might be awkward period, but I just go with it. I got to make the best out of what I'm doing and I'm happy. I'm happy to be at home honestly, I never felt like I'd say that, but I like it.''