Pink Floyd rocker Waters often takes aim at singers scheduled to perform in the country and urges them to boycott it as part of a cultural protest against the unrest between Israelis and Palestinians in the region.

He urged Warwick to cancel her concert in May (15) but she ignored his plea and went ahead with her scheduled performance as his political views are "of no concern" to her.

Warwick explained the decision when asked by a reporter for Britain's Event magazine, "What is the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?" by replying, "Roger Waters called me 'ignorant' over a concert I was due to play in Tel Aviv earlier this year.

"We have different political views but Tel Aviv has done nothing to Dionne so Dionne has no reason to do anything to Tel Aviv. Roger Waters boycotted there. He is entitled to think whatever he wants but don't tell me to feel that way because I don't have to."