The 22 year old, the daughter of Houston and Bobby Brown, was taken off life support in a hospice in Duluth, Minnesota after she had spent almost six months in a coma following a near-drowning incident at her Georgia home.

Warwick kept her promotional commitment on U.S. TV show Watch What Happens Live hours later on Sunday night and told host Andy Cohen, "She was a sweetheart... She will be missed, that's for sure. She was a good girl. She was a good little girl. She really was."

When asked how the family has coped with the tragedy just three years after Houston's death, Warwick replied, "It's not easy, that's for sure... I think it's because of our faith and strength in faith, knowing that Bobbi is now with a much, much bigger and more powerful person, or thing... than we'll ever know. She's in much better hands now."

A host of stars including Missy Elliott, Ciara, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, and Oprah Winfrey have taken to social media to pay tribute to Brown.

Houston drowned in the bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2012, aged 48.