Dionne Bromfield carries moisturiser everywhere.

The 19-year-old singer admits she would be ''lost'' if she didn't have her favourite skin-softening cream with her wherever she went and always has a pot in her handbag.

She said: ''I would be lost without Nivea moisturiser. I have a little pot in every bag.''

Dionne enjoys keeping in shape and starts every day with a workout as she finds it is as good for her mind as her physique.

She said: ''I work out at the gym most days really early at 6.30am. It starts my brain working and keeps me feeling great all day.''

And when it comes to her fashion choices, Dionne is as happy in designer wear as high street items.

She told You magazine: ''A mix of high street and high end - Topshop, Alexander McQueen and Burberry is my dream wardrobe combination.''

Though her beloved late Godmother, Amy Winehouse, had a number of tattoos, the 'Black Butterfly' singer insists she won't be getting any body art herself - because her mother isn't a fan.

Explaining why she has no tattoos, she admitted: ''My mum would have gone crazy - she calls them tramp stamps.''