Son of God actor Diogo Morgado or, as he’s come to be known in online circles, “Hot Jesus” obviously doesn’t want to get typecast. In a strange, but oddly poetic twist, the next role on his roster will be on CW’s upcoming show The Messengers, as The Devil. Pardon, “a Devil-like character” because the network didn’t want to offend the devoutly religious, who might be turned off from seeing Son of God because of Morgado’s new on-screen allegiances.

Diogo Morgado
Morgado will do away with the beard and sandals for his next role.

TMZ broke the news, but up to this point, there has been no comment from either Morgado or reps for CW. It makes sense that they would want to keep the news of the actor’s new… direction on the DL until all the good god-fearing folk have finished buying tickets to see Son of God.

In related news, the Mark Burnett-produced religious flick is still doing great at the box office. While en masse viewings from religious groups carried it through opening weekend, the movie sailed on in the box office charts this past weekend with a $10,5 million gross, according to Box Office Mojo. That’s a 60% drop from its debut, but still lands Son of God squarely in the top 5. Blame the off-season.

Diogo Morgado, Son of God
Diogo's new role means he is in for a big transformation.

By now, Morgado can safely be called a breakout star, so he’s on pretty firm footing with his new endeavor. Hopefully the more religious among his fans will be forgiving – ‘tis the spirit, after all.

Watch the Son of God trailer: