Review of Birds and Planes Single by Dinosaur Pile-Up

The last few months have been trying times for Leeds grunge revivalists Dinosaur Pile-Up, with the departure and replacement of two thirds of the band. Their new single, Birds and Planes, does not seem fazed by the state of upheaval within the band however; it is another glorious slice of spiky rock music: business as usual then.

Dinosaur Pile-Up Birds and Planes Single

The song is an all-guns-blazing stomp from start to finish, with hard hitting drums backing up fuzzy, loud guitars. There are some great vocal harmonies on show here, adding a pop sensibility to the chaos on show from the instruments. Musically it falls somewhere between the Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

Birds and planes doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but that hardly matters when it delivers such a brutal three and a half minute shock to the system. It's like Nirvana dragged by their baggy jumpers and greasy hair through the last couple of decades and injected with a healthy dose of fun. If this is anything to go by, their forthcoming album should be an absolutely raucous treat.

Ben Walton

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