Mexican actor Diego Boneta missed out on making his big movie break in The Chronicles Of Narnia films - because he was a year too young.
The star's fortunes have changed recently and he now leads the cast of the much-anticipated Rock of Ages musical, but Boneta reveals he feared he'd blown his big chance for a blockbuster role when he auditioned for a part in The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.
He explains, "I was in the final decision, but they told me they couldn’t work it out because I was a minor at the time, and that would have limited my hours on the set under New Zealand Actors Guild rules."
But missing out on the possible role of a lifetime didn't deter the star - it was only his first audition: "I said, 'If this is the first experience, I certainly need to stay and try my luck'."
And when Boneta's luck eventually arrived, he had to read about it online.
He adds, "It came out in a big internet portal, I believe it was Yahoo, and immediately my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. However, the producers hadn’t made the final decision yet, which proved to be awkward towards the end of the process."
And the wait to hear if he had officially won the role of Drew Boley in the movie musical put Boneta in bed with chronic headaches.
He adds, "All of a sudden I am paralyzed in bed for three days straight with these incredible headaches, and I realised they were coming from the pressure I was enduring in the casting process."