Rock Of Ages star Diego Boneta is keen to get his full name back when the film takes off and he becomes a bigger star - because he wants to honour the grandfather he never knew.
The Mexican actor's birth name is Diego Gonzalez Boneta - and that's the moniker most of his Latino fans know him by.
But he was forced to drop Gonzalez thanks to a clerical error behind the scenes of his first American TV project.
He tells WENN, "When I booked my first job in American television, they thought Gonzalez was my middle name... so they went with Diego Boneta in the titles, and the name stuck from then on."
But when he becomes a recognisable star, he plans to reintroduce Gonzalez, adding, "I never knew my grandfather; he died when my mom was only nine. But everybody that knew him says he and I have an uncanny resemblance. I feel I am honouring his legacy by keeping his last name with me."