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Diego Boneta Joins 'Terminator 6' Cast

The 'Terminator' franchise is one of the most beloved and celebrated sci-fi franchises of all time, and with creator James Cameron now working on the latest instalment in the film series, excitement is at an...

'Rock Of Ages' Over Does The Hairspray And Misses The Mark

The first round of reviews for Rock Of Ages are in, and it looks as though it was only Tom Cruise and his co-stars were ready to rock as most critics have panned the musical-turned-film...

Diego Boneta Keen To Get Full Name Back

Rock Of Ages star Diego Boneta is keen to get his full name back when the film takes off and he becomes a bigger star - because he wants to honour the grandfather he never...

Rock Of Ages Boneta Missed Out On A Trip To Narnia

Mexican actor Diego Boneta missed out on making his big movie break in The Chronicles Of Narnia films - because he was a year too young.The star's fortunes have changed recently and he now leads...

Diego Boneta Learned To Strum With Cruise

Mexican actor Diego Boneta became firm friends with Rock Of Ages co-star Tom Cruise as they prepared to play rockers for the much-anticipated movie musical - they shared the same guitar teacher.When Cruise discovered he...

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