'Die Hard 5' is in the works.

Bruce Willis confirmed a fifth instalment of the movie franchise, in which he has starred since 1988, is likely to be made in 2011.

He said: "I think we're going to do a 'Die Hard 5' next year."

The 54-year-old star wants Len Wiseman, who directed the last movie in the series 'Live Free or Die Hard' in 2007, to come back to do the next film.

He said: "I would hire Len Wiseman right now. It's gotta go worldwide, is the only thing I would say and would be my contribution to it."

Bruce also revealed his favourite movies to make are the ones that people find funny.

He told MTV.com: "I like so much more making fun of it, taking the p**s out of it, not making it a big deal and not making the fact that I've acted in a lot of movies a big deal.

"It's all illusion, and it's all b*****t. It's a great job for me to have, but everything else you can set on fire. Making people laugh is the real deal."

Bruce is currently starring in comedy 'Cop Out' alongside former 'O.C' star Adam Brody.