Hollywood veteran Dick Van Dyke is back behind the wheel of a new Jaguar just days after his former luxury vehicle was destroyed by fire on California's 101 freeway.

The 87-year old Mary Poppins star was dragged out of his car by a Good Samaritan, who spotted the actor struggling inside as it filled up with smoke.

It was a lucky escape as the car burst into flames seconds later and by the time first responders arrived on the scene, the vehicle was completely engulfed by the fire.

Tmz.com cameras caught up with Van Dyke on Monday behind the wheel of a new Jag and he opened up about the fire drama.

He said, "In about 12 minutes it burned to a cinder."

The actor, who revealed he had called to thank the man who pulled him to safety but had yet to hear back from him, admitted he was stunned by the amount of people who pulled over to help him.

He added, "There are a lot of Good Samaritans left... There just happened to be an off-duty fireman and a nurse in the car almost behind me. They pulled right over because they thought I'd had an accident."

And Van Dyke insists he's fine now a week after the fire drama, joking, "Aside from being a little crispy around the edges, I'm in pretty good shape."