Actress Dianna Agron has taken on the role of The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers in the band's new video, Just Another Girl.

The Glee beauty transformed into a rock star for the promo and stepped into the character of Flowers as she walked through a brief history of the band's discography.

Agron begins the video by walking on to a set with the four remaining members playing their instruments behind her. She then strolls through a giant sound stage, which shows the sets from the band's previous videos.

She dons a moustache similar to Flowers' in All These Thing I've Done, passes by the wedding scene in When You Were Young, and throughout the video even wears an identical jacket to Flowers' costume in Human.

Agron took to to express her thanks to the band and director Warren Fu, writing, "You're the best. thanks for having me play. Such a great time."

This is the second single from The Killers' Direct Hits album. The first track, Shot at the Night, featured an appearance by Dark Shadows star Bella Heathcote.