Dianna Agron, the American actress and star of Fox's hit drama Glee, is reportedly in the middle of a love triangle with Nfl quarterback Tim Tebow and the actor Sebastian Stan, reports Fox News. Agron, 25, dated Stan on and off for about a year, but the former Denver Broncos star is now on the scene.
A source close to the actress said, "Tim has made no secret that he likes Dianna, and told her so, but she has remained faithful to Sebastian". Agron and Stan live separately - in Los Angeles and New York respectively - and reportedly split for the second time recently. The insider said they were planning on moving closer together but have now parted ways, citing the long-distance travels and work commitments. Rumors have suggested the split now leaves the door open for Tebow - a devout Christian who was in the running to become the new star of the bachelor. Following the arrival of Peyton Manning at the Denver Broncos this week, Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets, which could intensify his rivalry with Sebastian. It appears even his former coach John Elway is rooting for Tim in his battle to land Diana, saying, "Tim Tebow is a great kid. If I want someone to marry my daughter, it would be him".