Diane Von Furstenberg is to launch her own cosmetics line.

The designer has signed a deal with ID Beauty to create a skincare and fragrance range, with a Women's perfume to be released later this year.

Diane - who launched her own scent and make-up line in the 70s - told WWD: "A commitment to empower women. Everything I do in life has to do with how much I am inspired by women, how much I respect women and how much I want every woman to feel strong, beautiful and confident. When you have such an intimate relationship with women there is no way that you can do it more than with the beauty business.

"I have always been interested in the intimacy of the relationship between beauty products and women."

Diane will be working with Chantal Roos on the project and says she's thrilled to finally be teaming up with the former president of YSL Beaute.

She said: "I was always so impressed with the quality of the products that she developed.

"I feel like when you deal in such a huge, unbelievably crazy, competitive market, the only chance you have comes from believing in what you do really. And in order to do that, and not compromise, I think you have a better chance when you are a small company. It's all about respect."