Diane Von Furstenberg has ''a lot of respect'' for Victoria Beckham.

The 67-year-old fashion designer has praised the former Spice Girl for her ''working hard'' to break into the fashion industry with her eponymous fashion line, Victoria Beckham.

Talking to HELLO! magazine, Diane said: ''I have a lot of respect for Victoria because she works hard and is really serious about her fashion career. She is a devoted mother, a devoted wife, she is extremely serious about her work ... she has made it all a success.''

The style maven - who is responsible for designing the iconic wrap dress - admitted that she is a fan of the controversial fashion starlet Kim Kardashian West after bumping into her at an event.

Diane explained: ''I only met her once and was surprised at how lovely she was. I don't judge her style and everyone does the best they can. She is a good girl and a young girl with an enormous amount of exposure; she lives her life and travels her journey and if she makes mistakes she will learn from them like everyone else.''

The Belgium-born designer confessed to having a soft spot for British royalty as she expressed her love for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and the royal's grandmother-in-law, the Queen.

She told the magazine: ''I love The Duchess of Cambridge. She is herself, which is what I love about everybody. Be true to yourself because if you are, there is no misunderstanding. And the Queen is above compare.''