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23rd February 2016

Quote: "Imagine if somebody said your nose is too big or your ears stick out. For me, it was my neck was too short. It stuck with me all my life." Diane Lane on the criticism she received when starting out as a model at age 12.

6th November 2015

Quote: "It's a respectful meeting, I make sure I inform myself about the people who I'm meeting... Auditioning, I don't think I really ever got many parts from auditioning. I don't do it well. I think back when it was more regular for me to be experiencing that, I would go into sort of a white-out of panic and I wasn't sure of what I was doing and I think I was angry and insecure or angry about being insecure, so it probably just didn't go well. I didn't get a lot of parts with that attitude." Actress Diane Lane does not like auditioning for acting roles.

1st March 2013

Fact: Actress Diane Lane has turned to her girlfriends Laura Dern and Mary Steenburgen for support following the news of her split from husband Josh Brolin - the trio was snapped enjoying a night out in Los Angeles recently to celebrate the opening of new acrobatic and equestrian show Cavalia's Odysseo.

28th August 2012

Quote: "What I enjoy most about Barbra is how participatory she is in the family... She comes to the kids' plays and graduations. It was never an issue or question. She wants that involvement." Actress Diane Lane on her mother-in-law Barbra Streisand.

14th April 2011

Quote: "He had his raw food chef with him too, so I'm hoping to benefit from his lifestyle choice. I think it's pretty rockin'. That's why he looks so gorgeous!" Diane Lane is impressed with new movie husband Tim Robbins' healthy diet. The two stars play man and wife in TV film Cinema Verite.

16th March 2011

Quote: "After the kissing scene we had under the Bridge of Sighs, that boy, who started off the film not liking me, became my best friend... All of a sudden he wanted to hang out." Diane Lane on winning over teenager Thelonious Bernard in 1979 movie A Little Romance.

1st October 2010

Quote: "It's really an unfair time to be in the industry and grow up in front of the camera. I call it the piranha bowl... They're waiting to eat you alive." Diane Lane empathises with young stars-turned-tabloid favourites.

12th September 2010

Quote: "Some days I want to get a boob job, some days I want to get the eye lift. Then other days I'm like, 'Absolutely not! Have some integrity...! But it's all about what makes you happy." Actress Diane Lane has mixed feelings about plastic surgery.

8th September 2010

Quote: "I recently said to Josh, 'Being in a relationship makes it impossible to avoid yourself'. It may not always make me comfortable but it sure has made me a better person. And I'll take that any day." Actress Diane Lane on marriage to Josh Brolin.

26th January 2009

Quote: "I don't know who I wanna make out with more tonight; TONY HOPKINS or Diane Lane - because Tony looks so good, he looks fantastic." Alec Baldwin admits he's smitten by the Hannibal Lecter star at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

4th October 2008

Quote: "I really want to play a b**ch in a comedy. That's kind of new territory for me." Diane Lane on her movie ambitions.

9th January 2008

Quote: "She hates it when I lose weight, she can't stand it. She likes man, she doesn't like boy." Actor Josh Brolin reveals his wife Diane Lane dislikes it when he loses weight for film roles.

10th October 2007

Fact: Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Connelly, Diane Lane, Amy Adams and Lauren Bacall have been named among the recipients of this year's (07) Elle Magazine Women In Hollywood awards.

25th February 2006

Fact: <p>UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN star Diane Lane will cut her hair on live TV in July (06) on the Today Show to help cancer patients. The actress is the spokesperson for Beautiful Lengths, an organisation that donates hair to make wigs for cancer patients. </p>

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