Diane Lane has expressed that she would like to talk to the real person behind her character in her new film, Postmedia News reports.

Diane Lane's latest project sees her play real life mother Pat Loud in new film 'Cinema Verite' which looks at the making of landmark 1970s TV experiment, 'An American Family.' The film co-stars James Gandolfini and Tim Robbins.

The documentary, which recorded the everyday lives of the Loud Family, is credited as the 'birth' of reality television. Though it made overnight celebrities of the family, they found the attention it brought them unwanted and the surviving family members have 'refused to participate' in the making of the new film.

Despite this, Lane confirmed that she would still like to meet the person behind her character: "When I read Pat Loud's book, I realized she still wants to know why she did it, because if she could undo it, she would."

The actress acknowledged the massive cultural impact the original series had, "It's a comment on the zeitgeist we live in," Lane said, simply "It's about the first domino."

Cinema Verite premieres tonight on HBO.