Movie veteran Diane Ladd visited the grave of her dead daughter as part of the cathartic experience of writing her memoirs. The Wild at Heart star lost her first daughter when she drowned at the age of two and rarely visits her grave because it's such a traumatic experience. But she found the courage to revisit her resting place while writing new book SPIRALING THROUGH THE SCHOOL OF LIFE. Ladd says, "I sobbed and sobbed. I'm still vulnerable... I sat alone and cried about it." But the writing experience was also full of joyful moments - Ladd recalled how her battle to get pregnant ended with a little miracle. She tells US news show The Insider, "Five top, very famous doctors said, 'I am sorry Diane Ladd, you will never have another child.' "One day I walked in and said, 'Doctor, make a test. I think I'm pregnant,' and he got very angry and he said, 'Diane, I've told you you can't have a child; go home and cry.' "I said, 'I have cried, boy, have I cried? Now doctor, go and make your test.'" The doctor discovered Ladd was in fact pregnant - with her daughter LAURA DERN.