Diane Kruger is one of the stars of a new advertising campaign for Jaeger-LeCoultre.

A giant portrait of the stunning actress - shot by photographer Marcel Hartmann - has been erected on the French Riviera for the duration of the Cannes Film Festival alongside other film stars including Lars Von Trier, Willem Dafoe and Rachel Weisz as part of the Cannes fait le mur exhibition.

Janek Deleskiewicz, Artistic Director of Jaeger-LeCoultre, revealed Diane was instrumental in forging a relationship between the company and photographer Marcel.

He explained to HH Magazine: "We have a mutual friend. Diane Kruger, who is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Muse, was acquainted with Marcel Hartmann's work and naturally pointed us in his direction when we were looking for a photographer for our Yearbook. This first encounter gave rise to a magnificent theme shot in Venice within the framework of our partnership with the Mostra.

"Like all beautiful stories, there was a sequel; Marcel came to take pictures of Diane at the Manufacture in the heart of the Valleé de Joux - a unique and entirely new setting for a great fashion photographer and an international actress. Everyone enjoyed the experience."

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Cannes boutique will also show an exhibition of Marcel's work and after collaborating with him once, Janek revealed the company was thrilled to pair up again.

He said: "The Cannes fait le mur exhibition is an initiative that had already appealed to us at the time of its first edition in 2010. When we found out that Marcel Hartmann was to orchestrate this year's edition, Jaeger- LeCoultre's support was a given.

"Our Cannes boutique will indeed make a perfect showcase for a complementary exhibition of Marcel's work, to be presented in parallel during the period of the Cannes festival."