'The Godfather' actress Diane Keaton is due to make a brave and shocking appearance in 'The Family Stone', by filming a sex scene with a fake mastectomy. In the film, Keaton portrays Sybil Stone, a survivor of breast cancer. She agreed to film one of the scenes topless, showing off a fake surgical breast removal - reportedly in order to support real-life cancer fighters.

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Keaton, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1977's 'Annie Hall', reportedly fought bitterly in order to keep the controversial scene in which her scarred chest to her movie husband, played by Craig T Nelson. This confrontation came after Keaton revealed her hatred for the ways in which these scenes have been approached in the past.

Keaton explains: "I've seen so many of these cancer movies and there's always the horror of the reveal. You see the back of the woman and they always play it that way. This scene was so sweet because, first of all, it was set up (in the film) that I have this illness in kind of a mysterious way - so little was made of it. It's dealt with in a way that gives so much respect to people who go through this (breast cancer) in their life that you live with the illness. It's not that you're horrified (about losing your breasts). Your life goes on and you still make love with your husband."