Actress Diane Keaton loves photos of her as a young mum-to-be - even though she has never been pregnant.

Technology allowed director TOM BEZUCHA (corr) to digitally transform a photo Keaton gave him - taken of her in her 20s - for a pivotal moment in her new film The Family Stone, and make it look as if she's pregnant.

The actress, who has two adopted children, was amazed with the end result - but she still wishes the director could have used a better shot of her.

She says, "I gave Tom a bunch of photos of me when I was in my twenties. I had a lot that I liked but I threw in that one in spite of the fact that I didn't like it.

"I thought, 'Surely he'll use this other, more attractive shot.' He took that goddamn shot and I hated that shot! I said, 'Tom, come on don't use that photograph. Look at me, I'm such an ordinary woman.'

"They did doctor it up because I've never given birth to a child."

Keaton reveals she wept when she saw the photo in the film because it reminded her of her late mother.

She adds, "It was the most amazing moment in any movie for me... When I saw it all I could think of was my mother because

she took the picture. It's like a tribute to my mother."