Diane Keaton vomited so many times during her battle with bulimia, she had to have her teeth re-capped.
The Oscar-winning actress reveals in her new memoir, Then Again, how she spent years gorging on food and bringing it back up in secret.
She eventually overcame her eating disorder but stomach acid had ruined the enamel on her front teeth and caused a string of health issues, including severe heartburn and a permanent sore throat.
The Annie Hall star admits she loved having a tiny frame and squeezing into small frocks, but tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "But it was a big lie. And it was horrible. What's amazing is it's over... I never get the urge to do it now.
"I have friends who were alcoholics, who told me when they were finished that they didn't have the desire. I remember thinking it's not possible. But it is possible. It really does alter your life, being an addict. This is how people get reduced and your life implodes in on you."