The Annie Hall star's The Keaton collection is made to be served on ice - just the way she enjoys it.

"I'm not sure when I started (doing) that," she tells "I think most likely since it was so hot in N.Y. when I lived there in the 1970s. I used to go on the balcony to cool down, since my apartment didn't have (air conditioning) and one day I thought about trying it on ice. It has stuck ever since then!"

Keaton came up with the name for her wine after sharing her preferred way of sipping vino with U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

"Ellen heard I drink my wine on ice and surprised me with a nice glass!" Keaton adds. "I couldn't turn that down. Eventually it got nicknamed The Keaton... It's just my preference..."

The affordable line will be available in white and red and a portion of the proceeds will go to research at the Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas.

"I wanted affordable wines that blend grapes from different regions," she continues. "Both wines are fruit forward and are well balanced. They go with any kind of food. I insisted on the twist-off cap... It's not fancy, but neither am I."

Keaton joins a long list of Hollywood winemakers, including Francis Ford Coppola, Johnny Depp, Lorraine Bracco, Antonio Banderas, Drew Barrymore, Sam Neill, Gerard Depardieu and Emilio Estevez.