Diane Keaton has launched a red and white wine titled 'The Keaton'.

The 'Annie Hall' actress has followed a string of celebrities, including George Clooney and Justin Timberlake, to make a self-inspired tipple.

Announcing it on Twitter yesterday (07.10.15) alongside a picture of a bottle of red, she wrote: ''It's here. Don't forget the ice. Cheers.''

Discussing what inspired her to take up winemaking, Diane revealed: ''Ellen (DeGeneres) heard I drink my wine on ice and surprised me with a nice glass! I couldn't turn that down. Eventually it got nicknamed 'The Keaton' and don't forget I also played beer pong with Jimmy Fallon but had my cups filled with wine! Maybe I should bring Ellen a case next time I see her!''

Whilst Justin's premium Sauza 901 tequila retails near the £40 mark, the Oscar-winning actress insists that her line of booze can be enjoyed ''everyday'' and is ''affordable''.

She told People magazine: ''It's not fancy. But neither am I. My wines both red and white are everyday wines. Tastes great on ice as well as simply poured in a glass. I wanted affordable wines that blend grapes from different regions. Both wines are fruit forward and are well balanced. They go with any kind of food. And yes, I insisted on the twist-off cap.

''Grab a low ball glass, fill with lots of ice, pour until all the ice is covered with the robust red wine, then enjoy.''