British pop star Diana Vickers called in an exorcist after she became spooked by a series of ghostly goings-on at her home.
The Once hitmaker was living on her own two years ago (08) when she began hearing creepy noises in her apartment and her personal property would move by itself.
She became so terrified she called in an expert to perform an exorcism - but quit the home days later.
Vickers tells the Sunday Mirror magazine, "I used to have a ghost that lived in my house, and I had an exorcism to get rid of it on my birthday... In that house I always felt like someone else was there. I'd literally just turned 17 and was living by myself - I had to go to sleep with the light on for about six weeks.
"When it got to that point, I brought someone in to do an exorcism because I needed someone to tell me what was there. I was hearing voices, I could sense things and I'd find things in places I knew they shouldn't be. I'd be in the shower and hear someone knocking on the door. I'd just cry. I'm not a crying person, but I walked in one night and thought, 'I don't feel right', it was weird. I had to go."
And it wasn't the star's first encounter with the supernatural - she experienced a violent haunting when she was a child.
Vickers adds, "We had poltergeists in the first house we lived in as a family. They used to throw candles - poltergeists love throwing candles... It was crazy... We already had that house up for sale so we were out of there a few months later."